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Techking: A Leading Mining and Construction Tire Brand

Techking Tires Limited, established in 2007, is a dedicated provider of mining and construction tires. With a strong focus on specific applications, integrated product development, quality control, and brand operation, Techking aims to become a leading name in the industry. This article explores the company’s vision, values, business model, and its journey towards achieving its goals.

Vision: Leading the Industry

Techking’s vision is to become a leading mining and construction tire brand. With a relentless commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction, the company strives to provide top-notch tire solutions that meet the diverse needs of its customers worldwide. Techking envisions itself as a global leader in the industry, catering to renowned mining enterprises, equipment manufacturers, and construction machinery companies.

Customer-Oriented Approach:

At the core of Techking’s business philosophy is a strong emphasis on customer satisfaction. By adopting a customer-oriented Three-lever Development Model, the company ensures a localized marketing system, an integrated product development system, and a specialized service system. This approach allows Techking to understand and cater to the specific tire requirements of its customers, offering valuable and diversified services.

Synergy and Consistency:

Techking believes in the power of collaboration and synergy. By cooperating with customers, partners, and industry stakeholders, the company aims to achieve mutual growth and success. Techking also values consistency, continuously improving its products and services to meet evolving market demands. With responsible and integrity-driven behavior, Techking builds trust and long-lasting relationships with its customers.

Business Model:

Techking’s business model revolves around customer value, with a focus on localized marketing, specialized service, and integrated product development. By placing the customer at the center, Techking ensures that its products and services align with customer needs, resulting in enhanced value and satisfaction.


Techking has emerged as a leading mining and construction tire brand by combining its expertise, customer-oriented approach, and commitment to innovation. With a strong foothold in both domestic and international markets, Techking collaborates with renowned industry players, providing quality services to global mining companies and construction machinery manufacturers. By prioritizing customer satisfaction, embracing synergy, consistency, responsibility, and integrity, Techking continues to pave the way towards its vision of becoming a world-leading tire solution provider.

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