The Presidential Limousine with its International Travels

Ever wonder what happens to President Obama’s limousine on their overseas trips? Is it taken with the Secret Service? Yes! The fascinating history of the presidential limousine crossing international borders is quite interesting. Let’s see how this iconic vehicle travels the world.

Why it Travels Overseas

When the President travels abroad, the United States Secret Service brings their limousine with them. First, the President requires a secure and safe method of transport while in another country. The Secret Service wants to ensure that the President’s foreign trip is as smooth and uninterrupted as possible. They can ensure that the President arrives at their destination on time by bringing “The Beast”, as it is often called.

How it travels overseas

The Secret Service doesn’t just fly the presidential limousine to the United States and hope for the best. They use special containers, or “air-ride”, trailers to transport the car abroad. These containers provide protection from heat and vibration, which can potentially cause damage to delicate parts of the car. Each container comes with special locks and GPS tracking devices to make sure that “The Beast” is not disturbed during transport.

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What happens when it gets there?

The presidential limousine arrives at its destination and is immediately removed from its container or trailer. Secret Service agents inspect it before the President can use it. The inspection involves checking the safety features, including brakes, lights, tires, and fuel levels. After everything is cleared by agents, it can then be used to transport the President around during their trip abroad.

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It’s always an adventure to travel abroad, even for presidents. While there are many things to consider when planning a trip abroad for any president, from security concerns to logistics, one thing is certain: they will be riding in style with their trusted presidential limousine wherever they go! You can be sure that “The Beast”, no matter where they are located, will always be there to take them safely from one point to the next.

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