College Basketball Breakout Stars to See Before Next NBA Draft

Many of the NBA’s future stars are college basketball players. You can see these games and get a feel for who is most sought-after in the next draft. What are the top players in the NCAA we can expect to see joining the NBA?

Jabari smith– Auburn Tigers

Analysts believe that Jabari Smith will be the top pick in 2022 NBA Draft and that he will be among the top three. Smith’s chances of impressing NBA teams in March Madness were quickly ended. The second-seeded Auburn Tigers lost out to Miami in the first round, as Smith struggled with his shooting.

Jabari, however, has done enough in March to merit a deal with one of the best pro teams. After the Miami loss, he said that he didn’t know where would end up. According to some mock drafts, he will be the Houston Rockets’ second overall pick.

Chetholmgren – The Gonzaga Bulldogs

According to mock drafts, Chet Holmgren may be the first overall draft pick in 2022. This would mean that he could head to the Orlando Magic. Although he is 7 feet tall and slightly built, this center has shown remarkable numbers since joining the Bulldogs. However, there are still questions about his physical abilities to play in the professional league.

Chet is a key player who has been praised for his ability to block and shoot three-pointers. As the Bulldogs advance, he’s been impressive in the NCAA tournament.

As of this writing, Gonzaga is preparing for the Sweet 16 match against Arkansas. You can be certain that many NBA scouts will be watching Holmgren.

Paolo Banchero, The Duke Blue Devils

Paolo Banchero, the expected third pick in this year’s NBA draft could soon be playing for the Detroit Pistons. In his first game at Duke, he scored 22 points in a very impressive debut.

Banchero noted that the Blue Devils did better than most people expected during March Madness, beating Michigan State in the second round tie. This is a team you should be watching in the latter stages of the NBA draft. He is just one of many Duke players who could be selected in this year’s NBA draft.

JadenIvey – The Purdue Boilermakers

Jaden Ivey, one of the top prospects in college basketball at the moment, is undoubtedly the best athlete available in the 2022 draft. Since joining the Boilermakers in 2004 as a consensus four star recruit, he has been a sensational 6’4″ shooting guard.

Jaden was the leader of his team’s March Madness performance, scoring 22 points against Yale, their first win. Purdue beat Texas to advance to the Sweet 16 stage. Jaden scored 18 points, and 15 in the second period. However, they are still behind favorites Arizona, Gonzaga, Kansas and Kansas in the betting for the tournament.

AJ Griffin – The Duke Blue Devils

Another Duke player who was expected to be drafted in the early rounds of this year’s draft, AJ Griffin, has split opinions due to his performances. He has appeared in many different positions in mock drafts. It is clear that Griffin is a vital player for the Blue Devils because of his three-point shooting ability and overall play.

AJ was injured while the Blue Devils beat Michigan State in March Madness. They hope he will soon be back to help them beat the Texas Tech Red Raiders. Experts believe that if he stays fit and continues to impress, he may be selected as high as the fourth round.

Jalenduren – The Memphis Tigers

This center for the Memphis Tigers stood at 6′ 11″ tall and was rated as one the best players in the class of 2021. Before he was reclassified, he was rated the top prospect in 2022. He ended the regular season strong to increase the Tigers’ chances at winning the NCAA tournament.

He has a scoring average of close to 14 points per game and has racked up eight rebounds during the most recent period. Duren was also named American Athletic Conference Freshman-of-the Year. Duren said, “I always aim to be the best. Nothing less.” He inspired his team to the second round March Madness. They lost to Gonzaga, the number one seed, and many people’s favorite, which was disappointing.

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