Arowana Fish Shooting for Rewards – Advantages and Winning Experience

Shoot Arowana fish to get prizes inherently an interesting entertainment. And when they are designed with real money reward features, players love and enjoy this playground even more. Let’s go with the dealer New88 Discover the extremely classy Dragon fish shooting game and refer to detailed instructions for redeeming prizes.
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Introducing Dragon fish shooting to win prizes

Dragon Fish Shooting is a very interesting strategy game, players will be equipped with a powerful weapon system used to hunt targets on the seabed. Belonging to the fish shooting game series, this product has the most common feature of being designed in a large ocean, where there are many marine creatures. The participants will be professional hunters.

  • The prize-winning Dragon fish shooting game allows participants to operate directly on their computer or smartphone interface.
  • In the game, players will enter real or virtual money to play and receive a number of bullets to shoot at different types of fish that appear on the screen.
  • Each type of fish has a different point value and sometimes “huge” fish appear that give more points.
  • Players must shoot fish to earn points and collect bonuses after each round.

Features of the game

With the Dragon fish shooting game with rewards, we have many features for us to choose from. Everyone can easily participate in fish shooting with options such as:

Shoot fish automatically

This feature allows players, no matter how busy, to participate in entertainment at any time. You use the automatic fish shooting utility to let the system hunt targets without needing direct supervision from you. When shooting fish like that, you have free time to do other jobs. However, we should not overdo it because shooting fish directly is always more effective.

Upgrade guns

Playing Dragon fish shooting for prizes, participants can easily upgrade their weapons. People use strategy to choose weapons and upgrade them to a better power. Thus, the accuracy when attacking the target is significantly increased. With each upgrade, we will have to lose a bit of coin. Therefore, improving any type of gun, no matter how you improve it, requires you to be skillful in choosing.

Dragon fish shooting level to redeem rewards

In addition, for the convenience of hunters to satisfy their passion, the Red Dragon fish shooting game also builds many game levels. Depending on your ability and practical experience, you choose the appropriate level for yourself.

If you are not yet skilled, we advise you to play fish shooting at the lowest level. It’s a great environment because the targets move slowly and are easy to hit, allowing you to improve your skills. On the contrary, you can shoot fish at a higher level at a professional level.
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Win big gifts

While you play the fish shooting game, you have the opportunity to receive great rewards thanks to many unexpected gifts. During the process of aiming at targets, countless unexpected gifts appear for everyone to discover. The value of these gifts is not small.

Advantages of shooting Arowana fish for rewards

Arowana fish shooting game with prizes possesses many advantages that can be said to be extremely competitive factors. Participants can clearly feel this advantage when experiencing:

  • Design: The game is designed very specifically, the space is as vivid and realistic as the real ocean.
  • State-of-the-art weapons: State-of-the-art weapons warehouse serves to make everyone’s entertainment process more effective.
  • Security: Player information is always confidential, encrypted with many methods to help you feel secure when experiencing, transactions are also kept confidential.
  • Many rewards: During the process of shooting Arowana fish for rewards here, you will receive countless gifts, large and small.
  • Enthusiastic support: The reputable and safe fish shooting playground supports enthusiastic participants at all times.
  • Payment: Redeem rewards super fast with convenient and easy online transactions.


Fish shooting is a form of entertainment that receives a lot of attention from bettors. When you play fish shooting, you will find that everything becomes extremely fun.Shoot Arowana fish to get prizes is one of the famous fish shooting games that bookmakersNew88 Come, please refer and experience.

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