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Sungrow’s Cutting-Edge Liquid-Cooling Storage Systems Power 127 MWh Energy Storage Projects in Israel

Renowned inverter and Energy Storage System (ESS) supplier Sungrow has struck a momentous deal with EDF Renewables Israel, a prominent player in Israel’s renewable energy sector. The partnership centers around Sungrow’s state-of-the-art liquid-cooling solar storage storage systems, specifically its PowerTitan solution, contributing a substantial 127 MWh energy storage capacity across multiple projects.

Powering a Sustainable Future: Sungrow-EFD Renewables Collaboration

Sungrow’s collaboration with EDF Renewables Israel takes a significant stride in advancing Israel’s renewable energy ambitions. The agreement builds on previous successes, cementing Sungrow’s pivotal role as a trusted ESS supplier in the region. With the delivery of cutting-edge liquid-cooling storage systems, this partnership underscores a shared commitment to shaping a sustainable and resilient energy landscape for Israel.

Fueling Israel’s Renewable Energy Transition

As Israel strives to increase its renewable energy share, the collaboration’s importance transcends its substantial storage capacity. The country aims to achieve 30 percent renewable energy by 2030, with solar accounting for a substantial portion. Sungrow’s liquid-cooling storage system plays a vital role in supporting Israel’s transition to cleaner energy sources, aligning with the government’s ambitious target and contributing to a reduced carbon footprint.

Advanced Technology for Enhanced Efficiency

Sungrow’s liquid-cooling storage system boasts advanced technology and a streamlined design that enhances its efficiency and lifespan. The pre-assembled solution ensures ease of installation while minimizing capacity loss rates, resulting in long-term cost savings. Its innovative DC-coupled design eliminates the need for an additional Power Conversion System (PCS) and medium-voltage station, optimizing both efficiency and expenses for the projects.


Sungrow’s collaboration with EDF Renewables Israel signifies a remarkable stride towards Israel’s renewable energy goals. The deployment of cutting-edge liquid-cooling storage systems underlines Sungrow’s commitment to innovation, sustainability, and efficiency. As the energy landscape evolves, Sungrow’s PowerTitan solution emerges as a driving force behind Israel’s renewable energy transition, contributing to cleaner, more reliable, and resilient power supply while solidifying Sungrow’s role as a premier ESS supplier in the region.

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