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Precision Diagnostics Made Easy with Autophix Professional Car Scanner

When it comes to professional car scanners, Autophix is a trusted name in the automotive industry. Their flagship product, the Autophix Professional Car Scanner, offers advanced diagnostic capabilities and a range of features that make it an invaluable tool for automotive professionals. In this article, we will explore the key features and benefits of Autophix Professional Car Scanner, including its service reset and battery registration functions, as well as its support for all OBDII protocols.

Service Reset and Battery Registration

One standout feature of the Autophix Professional Car Scanner is its service reset and battery registration functions. The scanner allows technicians to reset service indicators and perform maintenance functions after servicing the vehicle. This ensures that the vehicle’s service history is accurately recorded and maintained. Furthermore, the scanner supports battery registration, which allows technicians to register a new battery to the vehicle’s control module. This function is essential for ensuring proper battery performance and preventing potential electrical issues.

Support for ALL OBDII Protocols

Autophix Professional Car Scanner is compatible with all OBDII protocols, making it a versatile tool for automotive professionals. Whether the vehicle uses the older OBDII protocols or the newer CAN protocols, the scanner can effectively communicate with the onboard computer and retrieve diagnostic information. This wide protocol compatibility ensures seamless integration with different vehicle systems, allowing technicians to access and interpret crucial data for accurate diagnostics.


Autophix Professional Car Scanner is a powerful tool that unlocks advanced diagnostics for automotive professionals. With its enhanced diagnostic functions, including comprehensive code scanning and analysis and recording, and service reset and battery registration capabilities, this scanner enables precise and efficient diagnostics. Its compatibility with ALL OBDII protocols ensures seamless integration with various vehicle systems. Choose Autophix Professional Car Scanner for reliable and accurate diagnostics, and take your automotive diagnostic capabilities to the next level.

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