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Introducing Steel Mate: The Leading Provider of Automotive Security Solutions

Steel Mate, established in 1993 in Zhongshan, China, is a trusted name in the automotive industry. As an accredited national High Technology Enterprise and provincial-level Engineering Technology R&D Center, Steel Mate is committed to innovation and excellence. With a registered capital of 80 million yuan and a team of experienced engineers, Steel Mate has developed a comprehensive range of cutting-edge products, including car alarm systems, tire pressure monitoring systems (TPMS), parking assist systems (PAS), blind-spot detection (BSD), and forward collision warning (FCW) systems.

R&D Excellence: Pioneering Automotive Security Solutions

Steel Mate’s strength lies in its impressive R&D capabilities. With three R&D centers and a team of dedicated engineers, Steel Mate ensures that all aspects of product development, from hardware and software to structural and industrial design, are meticulously executed. With the V-model development process and adherence to international standards, Steel Mate has successfully obtained A-SPICE Level 2 certification. This certification verifies the company’s ability to provide secure and reliable software for automotive electronics.

Steel Mate Car Alarm Systems: Protecting Vehicles, Ensuring Peace of Mind

Since its launch in 1997, steelmate automotive alarm systems have become synonymous with vehicle security. These advanced electronic devices are designed to deter potential threats, such as break-ins or theft. Equipped with features like door-impact alerts, movement detection, and engine start alerts, Steel Mate car alarm systems provide comprehensive protection for vehicles and their contents. With over 78 million sets sold worldwide, Steel Mate continues to be a trusted choice for automotive security.

The Ranger Series: Unparalleled Range and Performance

Within the Steel Mate car alarm system lineup, the Ranger series stands out for its exceptional performance. Utilizing LoRA™ technology and FSK technology, this series offers two modulation modes, ensuring reliable communication. The 2-way LCD transmitter provides an ultra-long operation distance, with a receiving range of up to 8 kilometers and a control distance of up to 5 kilometers in open areas. Additionally, the colorful screen transmitter with a folding key enhances user convenience, while the rechargeable lithium battery guarantees prolonged usage.

888E PKE: Intelligent Keyless Entry System

Steel Mate’s 888E PKE system revolutionizes vehicle access control. With its passive keyless entry feature, drivers can effortlessly lock and unlock their doors as they approach or leave the vehicle. Equipped with intelligent anti-hijack functionality and water-resistant transmitters, the 888E PKE system ensures the utmost security and convenience. The power-saving design ensures a long lifespan for the transmitter battery, while features like keyless rearming and remote trunk release add to the overall user experience.

Trust Steel Mate for Unrivaled Automotive Security Solutions

For over two decades, Steel Mate has been at the forefront of automotive security technology. With a relentless commitment to research and development, the company has pioneered innovative solutions that have made vehicles more secure than ever before. From their renowned car alarm systems to advanced keyless entry systems, Steel Mate continues to provide customers with ultimate peace of mind. Choose Steel Mate for comprehensive automotive security solutions that are built to protect.

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