How to create a new mission statement

A mission statement describes the unique characteristics of your business. A solid mission statement is a concise description of the business’ goals and objectives that attracts customers. It is also important to motivate employees, or more specifically, their actions that lead them towards the business’s desired goal/mission.

The mission statement describes the purpose of your business and its main goals and objectives. It is written in the present tense. It should be clear, concise, and inspiring to encourage company growth. A mission statement is a simple way to explain the purpose of your business to both customers and employees.

These are the elements that you need to focus on in order to create a compelling mission statement.

Value – What are your values (for employees as well as audiences)?

Credibility – Your mission statement must be credible in order to mobilise employees and customers

Ingenuity – What sets your business apart among other similar businesses in this industry? Why should potential hires choose you over the rest?

Relevance – Link your mission statement and your business

How to create a mission statement that is efficient

First, mission statements are not created equal. They don’t have to be the same as people. Different businesses approach their mission statements in different ways. It’s natural to link to credible and relevant points that help them stand out from the rest.

There are however some points of common interest that can be used as a prerequisite to creating a new mission.

Conciseness – Describe your business mission in just a few sentences

Memorability – A mission statement is essential to make it stand out. It should relate to your business. Don’t generalize or talk over the head.

Keep it brief – a mission statement should not exceed 100 words. It should be as long as you need to include your business’ selling points.

Remember your long-term goals – a mission statement should always be relevant. It is not necessary to write the same mission statement every few months. Instead, you should be focusing on your long-term goal.

Changes are acceptable. Don’t confuse this point with the need to adjust your mission statement. If your mission statement is no longer relevant to your company’s market or current trends, you can rewrite it.

Get employee feedback – mission statements are meant to be used by employees and customers alike, so it is only natural that employees should be asked for their feedback. Listen to their concerns and make changes if necessary.

Many changes have occurred since the digital transformation was a common practice. It is not uncommon for mission statements to need to be modified to reflect new points of interest, new visions and new missions.

A Mission Statement to Represent Your Organization

These are some useful points that you can include in your new mission statement.

Please describe your scope of operations and company purpose

Your business’s products and services. It’s that simple. There’s no need to make things complicated or use fancy words. Make it easy for employees and audiences to understand what you expect from your business.

Describe the Products & Services Your Organization Offers

Although this is the more difficult part, it must be addressed nonetheless. You should basically describe the business’s operations. You should focus on your core values.

Instead of listing the purpose of your business, focus instead on the processes that make it happen.

Selling shoes online is an example of a business purpose. It is possible to extend its core value by providing exceptional customer service and ensuring top quality products.

How to best deploy your mission statement

Now that your mission statement has been completed, it’s time for you to put it into action. But how do you do this?

First, decide which operations you want to empower with it. A mission statement should not be about business planning. It should focus on employees and target audiences, which is short for people who interact with your business.

Your mission statement should be visible on your website. It is also used by some firms in advertising, but it is completely optional.

To get the best results, it is a good idea to combine your mission statement and your business vision statement.

Don’t get discouraged here. A vision statement isn’t as difficult as a mission statement. A vision statement is a one-sentence or a paragraph. Vision statements are often used to describe company goals. “My business is trying build this or that.”

We won’t be concluding, but we will leave you with some outstanding examples of mission statements. Continue reading!

To inspire humanity, both on the ground and in the air. (JetBlue

“To inspire and fulfill your curiosity.” (Sony

“Utilize Moore’s Law” to bring connected, smart devices to everyone on Earth.” (Intel

“To improve customers’ financial lives so deeply, they couldn’t imagine going back the old way.” (Intuit

To inspire and nurture human spirit – one person at a time. (Starbucks

To move the web forward, and give web developers and designers the best tools and services around the world. (Adobe

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