Enhance Patient Care and Efficiency with OEKAN Furniture’s Nursing Trolley: The Ultimate Solution for Medical Professionals

A leading manufacturer of medical furniture, OEKAN Furniture has more than 13 years of experience providing one-stop shopping for hospitals and healthcare organizations. It has served more than 51,520 customers and exported its goods to more than 86 nations. OEKAN Furniture is committed to offering specialized solutions to governmental bodies, contractors, hospitals, and clinics. And it aims to offer superior, durable, and efficient medical furniture solutions to the medical community.

One of the best-selling items from OEKAN Furniture is the medical trolleys which also includes the instrument trolley, mayo trolley, nursing trolley, and patient record trolley.

Introduction of a Set of Nursing trolley with Secure Paediatric Sticker

The set of nursing trolleys with secure pediatric stickers from OEKAN Furniture is a type of medical equipment used in wards and many other pediatric hospital settings to transport medical supplies and equipment. This kind of medical trolley typically has special compartments and drawers for storing medications, bandages, and other medical tools.

The secure pediatric sticker on the trolley indicates that it is specifically designed to transport equipment and supplies that are intended for use with children. This helps healthcare workers quickly identify which trolley they need when caring for pediatric patients and also helps to prevent cross-contamination between adult and pediatric medical supplies.


OEKAN Furniture’s nursing trolley with a secure pediatric sticker is a reliable and safe option for healthcare facilities that cater to pediatric patients. This trolley set is designed with high-quality material, ensuring durability and longevity even with constant use. The secure pediatric stickers make it easy for staff to identify the right equipment quickly. Overall, OEKAN Furniture’s set of nursing trolley with a secure pediatric sticker is a valuable investment for healthcare facilities looking to upgrade their pediatric care equipment.

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