Technology is constantly changing the face of fast-casual and quick service restaurants. Restaurants that wait too long for technology to evolve may find themselves behind their competitors and customers. Yes, everything has changed in this industry, from online ordering to digital meal boards and targeted social media campaigns.

Digital Solution for QSR: Why are Digital Menu Boards So Popular?

Digital menu boards reduce line time, increase productivity, and improve customer satisfaction. Here are some ways this digital solution for QSR can help your business.

1. Instant Updates:

You can communicate digitally to the POP system any changes you make to your menu when you update it. You can easily change the price on the menu card, or add an additional item. It is simple, quick and easy to update your digitally operated drive-thru menus. You can make the ordering process easier by making your menu cards digital, electronic and automatic. This is especially important if you have mixed-matched items.

2. Finance Capability

You might find it difficult to invest in expensive equipment or your QSR business. There are many financing companies that will allow you to lease digital menu board equipment, and then pay the loan amount back over time. You will reap the benefits of leasing digital menu board equipment before you pay for it.

3. Customer satisfaction:

Customers expect well-designed menus that make it easy for them to find the right dishes. Digital menu cards can help customers get exactly what they need, increasing customer satisfaction.

4. You can customize and update your account:

With cloud-based technology, digital menu boards can be customized and updated multiple times. You can manage multiple menu boards from the same location if you have a chain of restaurants. You can also highlight the item of interest or show a new item as needed. If you feel that the changes you made did not produce satisfactory results, you can update them and personalize them accordingly.

5. Up-sell Opportunities:

A menu board design can influence how customers order food. You must place high-profile items or large-ticket meals at the center of your menu board if you want customers to order combos. Digital menu boards allow you to add photos and text to enhance the order.

It’s time to adapt to the digital solution for your QSR company. This is the most important step you can take to make your business more successful.

From digital menu boards to corporate communications

Digital signage can be seen everywhere, from your favorite restaurants to the football stadium and even in the factory. Discover how this relatively new technology can improve communication.

Digital menu boards for fighting obesity

We’ve all been to restaurants and seen the large digital menu boards that display the prices and the menu. However, in July 2007, New York’s board for health had an innovative idea. Restaurants were required to label every menu item with the calorie value, in order to combat the rising obesity epidemic.

The law required that the font size be the same as the pricing. This was for standard products and portions. We can monitor (and count) the calories we eat over the course of a day outside of our home.

Digital menu boards were created to comply with the law. They were quicker to update and took hardly any time to produce (no waiting for printers). The restaurants that were already using the menu boards were miles ahead of their competition and adhered to the law right away.

We have all heard about the advantages of digital signage for marketing and information. However, this technology can also be used to improve communication with corporations, saving money and time.

Digital Signage in a corporate setting.

You are already ahead of the curve if you have digital signage. The primary reason you bought this technology was likely to raise brand awareness to your visitors, particularly about your “green”, established product lines, and new products. This technology can be used to send motivational messages or to schedule conferences.

You might have one department that is the most wasteful. Here you can remind them of your environmental policies and how they are helping you succeed. This type of approach works better than telling employees what to do.

Controlling meetings rooms.

Large companies are always in demand for meeting rooms. Have you ever been to a meeting that was pre-booked only to have it cancelled by the guest? It happens all too often.

One source claims that the average worker spends 5.6 hours a week in meetings. This is why digital signage is used. Unlike emails which inform people about room changes, digital signage can communicate any changes. For example, a digital display placed outside of meeting room 1 could inform staff that the meeting room has been moved to meeting room 3. Every company can use dynamic signs for scheduling meetings, etc. They can be set up a month in advance and can be changed as quickly as possible.

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