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Tips to decorate when you have a big family

When you are designing the layout of a home, some things need to be kept in mind. One such factor is the size of the family that is going to reside in the house. If you have a smaller family and your parents keep visiting, you need to make permanent arrangements to ensure no one gives up on their privacy. Everyone in the house should be comfortable and feel like they have a place to retire to. Here are some tips for decorating a home when you have a big family.

  1. Get plenty of seating – You may have people of different age groups who prefer different kinds of seating. However, the primary aim is to provide ample seating in the common areas like the living room or the dining room. Depending on the size of your family, you can go for a 6 seater dining table. You can take your pick from benches, pouffes, sofas, reading chairs, floor cushions, bean bags, and much more to decorate one single room. The balance of a room when the whole family is together is maintained when everyone has a comfortable place to sit.
  2. Opt for empty spaces – As enthusiastic as you may be about decorating your home, apart from the absolutely necessary furniture pieces like sofas and chairs, choose to forego the decorative pieces. For example, a vase with a good arrangement can look beautiful in corners but choosing to omit such touches as an open space is important for people to move around in the home. If your family visits often, then instead of going for an 8 seater dining table, try to get a 6 seater and a 4 seater dining table that you can join. This helps you to use the dining table elsewhere when the house is empty.
  3. Storage, storage, and more storage – A large family needs a lot of storage to meet its day-to-day needs. While you may be efficient at managing the items that need to be thrown out, there is still some room left where you feel the pinch. One of the ways to use all the space available in the house including the walls and the ceiling! Try to include floating shelves, hooks, and small pockets of storage wherever possible. For example, get box beds, get a table with storage underneath it, get drawer organizers, and so on. Optimum use of space is the only way to meet your storage needs.
  4. Create designated areas – If you have common areas for watching TV, reading books, and other such activities then ensure you are creating areas that are self-sufficient. For example, if more than 2 people want to read or watch a movie together then keep those areas stocked appropriately and avoid the hassle of getting a chair or arranging to seat from other areas every time. If you have an entertainment room, then a small minibar can go a long way in making the room better.
  5. Leave room for some physical activity – If there are kids in the house it is no surprise there will be some jumping around and monkey business. The best way to keep them safe and the furniture safe is to give them ample space to play. Creating a room for them to play outdoors is the best option. They can spend their energy in a positive manner and you don’t have to worry about them hurting themselves.

Managing the needs of a large family can be tricky and can lead to unexpected problems. These tips will make your life easier and stress-free!

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